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About Us

Major Keg USA entered into the draft beer equipment manufacturing industry in 2004. Since then, we have been dedicated to R&D and the manufacturing and marketing of the finest draft beer containers and dispenser valves. After 9 years of arduous research, we have successfully developed a nine-gallon stainless steel beer keg. We are the only China-based company that produces these specialized kegs. These kegs are characterized by its relatively high technical design and its reasonable body design.

Our Manufacturing Principles

Toyota production systems, or TPS, was introduced into our company in 2008, totally redesigning our production methods. These methods follow our streamlined mission, which states, "pursue zero defects, exceed customer expectations, and make continuous improvements."

All of our manufacturing is done in the spirit of, "harmony, reliability, courage, and proactivity," and they all follow our core principles of, "following the law of social developing, focusing on our target customer's core values and needs, and creating the greatest value for our customers." We place great importance to management and quality control, striving only to provide the highest quality products at affordable prices to all our customers.

President Boyce Luo's Words

China Major is a young company, full of vitality, committed to creating a dynamic business management model and optimal R&D in manufacturing of draft beer equipment. We dedicate ourselves to providing quality products and services through our team of employees. "Mastery of work comes from diligent application, and success depends on forethought."

China Major is a diligent, world-class company and we devote ourselves to work, study, and innovation. We are as full of hope and confidence for the future as you are. Standing on the starting line of the 21st century, we endeavor to achieve our vision of the company by expanding internationally while improving our brand recognition with China Major's mission as our core concept.