Our Story

Major Keg is the brewer’s friend. We’re an internationally recognized leader in beer equipment manufacturing, and we specialize in industrial kegs and large-scale brewing equipment. Since 2004, we’ve provided the highest quality resources to draft beer producers, earning our status as the preferred equipment retailer for breweries throughout Europe, Asia, and the United States.

Now, we’re also the leader in industrial keg maintenance and repair.


We pursue quality at every step. We invest in our kegs, researching, testing, and perfecting each product until it meets the needs of our customers. And once they’re in your brewhouse, we’re ready to provide regular service to maintain their condition. Our standard is zero defects and exceptional customer satisfaction. We’re there for you.


Every Major Keg product is designed to perform and built to last. Your perfect brew depends on it. We’re committed to crafting kegs and equipment that consistently work for you.


Your brewery doesn’t have time for malfunctions and repairs. We offer regular service visits to inspect and perfect your brewery’s equipment, whether or not it’s a Major Keg product. We also provide on-site repairs. No more costly and time-consuming shipping. We’re there for you.